The PlaidML Platypus

A framework for making deep learning work everywhere.

Build Status

PlaidML is a multi-language acceleration framework that:

  • Enables practitioners to deploy high-performance neural nets on any device
  • Allows hardware developers to quickly integrate with high-level frameworks
  • Allows framework developers to easily add support for many kinds of hardware
  • Works on all major platforms - Linux, macOS, Windows

For background and early benchmarks see our blog post announcing the release. PlaidML is under active development and should be thought of as alpha quality.


PlaidML is licensed under the AGPLv3.

Our open source goals include 1) helping students get started with deep learning as easily as possible and 2) helping researchers develop new methods more quickly than is possible with other tools. PlaidML is unique in being fully open source and free of dependence on libraries like cuDNN that carry revocable and redistribution-prohibiting licenses. For situations where an alternate license is preferable please contact

Reporting Issues

Either open a ticket on GitHub or post to plaidml-dev.