Aborted A transactional operation was aborted by the system.
AlreadyExists The requested object already exists.
Cancelled Indicates that an asynchronous operations was cancelled.
DataLoss The system has lost data required by the operation.
DeadlineExceeded The operation deadline was exceeded.
FailedPrecondition A precondition required by the operation is unmet.
Internal An internal error occurred.
InvalidArgument Indicates that at least one invalid argument was passed to a function.
NotFound The requested object was not found.
OutOfRange A call parameter is out of the range accepted by the implementation.
PermissionDenied The caller does not have permission to access a required resource.
PlaidMLError The base class of exceptions raised by VertexAI library operations.
ResourceExhausted A resource required by the operation is exhausted.
Unauthenticated The caller is unauthenticated.
Unavailable A resource required by the operation is unavailable for use.
Unimplemented The requested functionality is not implemented.
Unknown A generic catch-all error.