plaidml.op.pad_compute(sym, input_size, filter_size, stride, padding, pads=None)[source]

Computes info for an axis of a padded filter.

  • sym (str) – The symbol for the input axis.
  • input_size (tile.Value or int) – The size of the input axis (possibly symbolic).
  • filter_size (int) – The size of the filter along this axis.
  • stride (int) – The stride of the filter along this axis.
  • padding (AutoPadding) – The padding style to use.
  • pads ((int, int) or None) – Explicit pre- and post-padding for this axis.

tuple(A string representing the output size as TILE code,

The pre-padding to use when building input accessor expressions, A tile.Value representing the computed output size)